Software Engineering by ALT-F1

Building software requires multiple competencies : understand the business, the regulations, the IT system, the operations, the testing process, the technical debt

By reading this book, you should find sufficient information to manage the manufacturing of software in a systematic method.

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  • OUR COMMITMENT : We strive for superior performance, unmatched work ethic, simple and pragmatic approach, jargon-free language and insightful ideas

  • ALT-F1 supports your industry with software, data, analytics & lean optimisations

  • ALT-F1 designs, implements, deploys and supports secure, large-scale software solutions for diverse industries:

    • Manufacturing

    • MRO Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

    • Warehouse

    • Broadcasting

    • Bank

    • Insurance

    • Defense

    • Automotive

    • Law Enforcement

    • Justice and Serious International Crime


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