11. Misc.

11.1. Technologies

11.1.1. www.stoic.com

http://www.stoic.com (tool generating applications from a spreadsheet) - but as you have said, this won’t work at EADS because they don’t allow javascritps to run on their browsers Technologies used by stoic: https://bitbucket.org/altf1be/software-architecture/wiki/Technologies

11.1.2. how to stoic.com generate an application from a spreadsheet?

When I have met the founder of stoic last week he told me they generate the applications in this way:

  1. they import the spreadsheet and they try to automatically recognize the fields (date, name, address, etc.)
  2. they store the data into 3 different databases:
    1. http://www.postgresql.org/ - relational database to do basic queries
    2. http://www.mongodb.org/ - nosql database storing all the documents
    3. http://www.elasticsearch.org/ - to search into the 2 previous databases
  3. They give the means (widgets) for business users to create rules, user interfaces and perspectives (different views of the same application e.g. calendar view, google maps view….)
  4. they run the application on www.nodejs.org
  5. They deploy the application on http://www.cloudfoundry.com/

11.1.3. stoic.com business model

Their business model is based on SaaS subscriptions; they plan to deliver a package one could deploy on its own servers.

11.1.4. stoic.com competitive advantage

Stoic founder claims that he can generate an application like a sales force automation or www.stackoverflow.com applications within 3-4 days with business experts

11.1.5. stoic.com uses those Javascript technologies

src : http://stoic.com/stack/#/questions/446